Final Fury Open Beta Coming Early 2024

Final Fury Open Beta Coming in 2024
Final Fury Open Beta Coming in 2024

Final Fury is coming to open beta in early 2024, as announced earlier today during IGN’s The Upload VR Showcase. The upcoming VR arcade-style fighting game will host an open beta early in 2024 for Meta Quest 2 & 3 as well as SteamVR. 

Kluge Interactive, developers of the popular VR rhythm game Synth Riders, also launched a brand new trailer featuring gameplay and cinematics and introducing two new characters, the master manipulator Lida, who commands a legion of deadly scarabs, and Valdan, wielder of the Infernal Blade. 

For those hoping to get in on the open beta and be among the first to try Final Fury, VR players can sign up for playtests and exclusive developer insights at

What To Expect From Final Fury Open Beta

To add to the anticipation of this new release, the developers have also confirmed some of the features that will be available at launch, including: 

  • Single Player fights against CPU fighters in Arcade mode
  • Online competition with both matchmaking and private matches
  • Nine playable characters, each with a unique move set, personality and arena
  • Innovative VR combat using arcade-style combat with physical movements
  • Original soundtrack by Zardonic whose music featured in Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Watch The Final Fury VR Trailer

“As lifelong fans of classic fighting games such as Street Fighter, Killer Instinct, and Mortal Kombat, our goal with FINAL FURY is to bring back the nostalgic thrill of the arcade and take it to the next level with the immersive perspective and innovative controls only possible in VR. It’s an ambitious challenge, but we’re confident that we have a unique experience on our hands—one that will define a brand-new genre in VR and excite fighting game fans around the world.”

Abraham Aguerro, Creative Director at Kluge Interactive

A Bit Of A Change

Kluge Interactive is well known in the VR community following the success of their previous game Synth Riders. Available across multiple platforms it is more than just a Beat Saber clone as many would have dismissed it. Synth Riders featured unique mechanics and environments with some giving the player the feeling of flying through a fever dream or music video like those that were popular back in the 80s. With a 9/10 score on Steam, the game stands on its own as a brilliant rhythm game even managing to surpass the more well known Beat Saber. Kluge even managed to put out the PSVR2 update for Synth Riders well before Beat Saber was available.

Kluge will be using their VR expertise to bring a whole new fighting experience to headsets having players battle with the CPU or other players in real-time. While many may say that fighting and dancing are completely different from each other, you only need to speak to the world expert on Hip Hopkido, the original Black Power Ranger to know differently.

Players eager to pick up the game at launch can wishlist on Steam and join the conversation with the Final Fury community on Discord.  


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